Hooven-Dayton Corp.

CIG Subsidiary:
Hooven-Dayton Corp.

511 Byers Road, Miamisburg, Ohio 44342 937-233-4473 www.HoovenDayton.com
Labels Coupons Flexible Packaging Tags Lottery Bet Slips Lottery Receipt Rolls
• Coinless Casino Slot Machine Tickets (TITO)
Leaders in providing fast turnaround printing solutions:

HDC’s state-of-the-art facilities total 140,000 sq. ft. (with room to expand). Over the past seven years, HDC has grown from 45 to over 100 employees; tripled revenue; and is projected to maintain annual organic revenue growth rate in excess of 20% over the next five years.

HDC works closely with its customers to help reduce inventory through customized print-on-demand while allowing for late stage differentiation. HDC provides the speed and flexibility to help get products to market faster and employs a range of printing solutions to give products maximum shelf appeal and visual impact. HDC excels at both full-scale and small-scale production runs and test-market runs. The company’s labels, flexible packaging, apparel tags, and coupons offer superior value, performance, and durability.

HDC customers range from small companies to multi-national corporations and represent a variety of markets including consumer and household products; grocery & retail; automotive and aftermarket; health and beauty; medical & pharmaceutical; food & beverage; manufacturing & industrial; lottery
& gaming; and government.

In 2007, CIG successfully acquired and is aggressively growing Hooven-Dayton Corporation (HDC) as its first wholly owned subsidiary company. HDC is an 80 year old innovative supplier of high-quality, flexographic and digital labels, coupons, short run flexible packaging & specialty printing.

Specialty offerings include lottery bet slips and receipt rolls; coin- less casino slot machine tickets; high end special effects and security features; variable data; numbering; & barcodes. Dayton, Ohio based Hooven-Dayton Corp. is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by NMSDC (through its OMSDC affiliate), and also by the State of Ohio.

In April, 2011 HDC successfully acquired and merged into its operations 35 year old Benchmark Graphics, Inc., a Richmond, Indiana based flexographic label company. This acquisition extended HDC’s footprint into Indiana, expanding its manufacturing capacity, scale & talent pool.

Our Value Proposition

We are expert at providing high quality, innovative (short, medium, and full-scale) production runs. Our customized fast-turn, flexographic and digital print solutions help you:

  • REDUCE YOUR TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP(TCO)—saving cost by reducing inventory through customized print-on-demand & eliminating wasteful obsolescence
  • INCREASE YOUR SPEED & FLEXIBILITY—get your product to market faster while allowing for late-stage differentiation with our press redundancy & in-house capabilities
  • PROVIDE MAXIMUM SHELF APPEAL AND VISUAL IMPACT—drive impulse sales inside the store with high-end decoration capabilities
  • TEST YOUR PRODUCT ON NEW MARKETS with short-run digital solutions while delivering color consistency in your production roll-outs
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (MBE) spend with a quality oriented, value-added, proven performer
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