CIG Subsidiary:

30 Garfield Place, Suite 610, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 513-399-6400

Facilitating Front End Innovation Optimizing Design & Printing Development
Accelerating Speed-to-Market Reducing and Avoiding Costs from Design-to-Print

Our Value Proposition

Cog provides solutions to packaging development and execution stakeholders to:

  • Facilitate Front End Innovation
  • Optimize Design-to-Print development
  • Accelerate speed-to-market
  • Reduce and avoid costs from Design-to-Print
Cog Drives Faster, Smarter Packaging Development.

In June 2012, the Che International Group (CIG) successfully acquired ownership interest in its third subsidiary company,Cog, LLC, a uniquely configured packaging development and prototyping company. Cog engages smoothly with R&D, design, printing, and materials/ finishes organizations to drive innovation and help everyone avoid losing time, money, and opportunities. With Cog, Customers may expect improved exploration, mock-ups, prototypes, and design realization, ensuring only best packaging is taken to market.

Based in Cincinnati, Cog LLC is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

The company’s core areas of expertise and services include:

  •  2D Design
    – Graphic Design
    – Design Implementation & Realization
    – Retouching and Color Correction
    – Production Artwork
  • 3D Design
    – Ideation and Rendering
    – Structural Design and Engineering
  • Printing & Decoration Development
    – Ink, Finishes, and Substrate Exploration-through-Verification
    – Color Development and Proofing
  • Prototyping & Mock-ups
    – Iterative & MVP
    – Production Verification
    – Consumer Testing