Che International Group Named as Finalist for the 2013 Cincinnati Regional Chamber Small Business of the Year Award

The Che International group has been named as a finalist for the Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s 2013 Small Business of the Year Award.

The actual winners of this award will be announced at a luncheon on May 16 featuring Clay Mathile, former CEO of the Iams Company and Chairman & CEO of The Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition as the keynote speaker.

Reservations for the event can be made online here.

Dayton Business Journal Profiles Christopher Che & Hooven-Dayton

Dayton Business Journal profiled Christopher Che & Hooven-Dayton in the March, 2013 edition.

It’s hard to put a label on Cameroon native Christopher Che.

The president and CEO of Miamisburg’s Hooven-Dayton Corp., Che has a strong presence. At the same time, this confident businessman is one of the most humble people you might ever meet.

Hooven-Dayton — which makes flexible labels and packaging — has about 70 local workers and posted $25 million in sales in 2012, up slightly from the previous year.

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MBE’s Reflections on Black History Includes Comments from Christopher Che

Minority Business Entrepreneur magazine’s “Reflections on Black History Month” includes comments from Christopher Che.

One individual that stands out is Robert “Bob” Johnson, who took a $500,000 investment to start BET in 1979 and transformed it into a $3 billion company. His current venture, the RLJ Companies, is a holding company with a global reach that extends into the financial services, real estate, hospitality, professional sports, film production, automotive and gaming industries. He has created hundreds of jobs in different industries, improved America’s position as a global economic competitor, and he has reinvested the wealth he created into the community with generous, ongoing donations to various local and national organiza- tions that change lives every day.

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MBE Profiles Christopher Che – Waste Not

Waste Not – Minority Business Entrepreneur magazine profiles Christopher Che.

Learning from experience positions Christopher Che for ultimate success.

Christopher Che, CEO of Che International Group, LLC (CIG), was born and raised in Cameroon, a country in west-central Africa, and came to the United States in 1980 at the age of 18. That, in itself, is not unusual. “The Cameroon government encourages young people to go aroad and look for opportunity,” Che says. “I always had a dream to study in the U.S.” But to achieve what he has achieved in the face of so many challenges is remarkable. 

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Wilmington College Profiles Christopher Che

Wilmington College’s Alumni Profile features Christopher Che.

Christopher N. Che arrived at Wilmington College from his West African homeland in 1980 with $50 in his pocket. Today is president and CEO of the multi-million dollar, multinational holding company he founded in 2005, Che International Group.

He shared his “very long, interesting road” with WC President Jim Reynolds, who visited the 1984 alumnus earlier thissummer at Hooven-Dayton Corp., for which Che serves as president and CEO.

“Wilmington gave me the best possible foundation and experience for what I’m doing today,” he said. “Coming to Wilmington College was the best choice I ever made in my life.”

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Christopher Che named to Dayton Business Journal’s list of Top 10 Most Influential of 2011

A still uncertain economy swirled around the region for much of the year, and leaders had to step up and adjust to those winds. Yet, bright spots also began shining brighter this year, and Dayton executives proved again their moxie and ingenuity.

As such, the Dayton Business Journal   compiled its annual list of the Top 10 Most Influential People in the Dayton Region of the past year.

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Cincinnati Business Courier Profiles Christopher Che

The Cincinnati Business Courier profiles Christopher Che.

Adding as he goes along. Christopher Che’s accounting background helped him build holding company for printing/graphics.firms.

Christopher Che is a Cameroon-born entrepreneur who founded Che International Group LLC in Mason in 2005 as a holding company for a diverse portfolio of operating subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Che acquired commercial printer Hooven-Dayton Corp. in Dayton in 2007 and recently made two more acquisitions: Benchmark Graphics in Richmond, Ind., and Dgigital Color international in Akron. Benchmark has been merged into Hooven-Dayton.

With those deals, Che International now has 150 employees and four plants. Several other acquisitions are in the pipeline, Che said.

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MACUDA Profiles Christopher Che

The Mancon Cultural & Development Association (MACUDA) profiles Christohper Che.

Born to parents in Ntarikon, Mr. Che Christopher has grown into an inspiration and role model within our community. His personal philosophy, coupled with his work ethic have earned him recognition both within the Mankon community, as well as the broader mentorship community.

Having been involved intimately with Mankon, Mr. Che hopes the Mankon people should show a sense of peace, love and unity as well as commitment to Mankon development.

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Dayton Daily News Reports on Christopher Che’s appointment to Presidential Council

The Dayton Daily News reports on Christopher Che’s appointment to President Obama’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council.

Local Businessman Named to Presidential Council

Christopher Che, owner of local consumer labels printer Hooven-Dayton Corp., has been named to President Obama’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council, a White House official said Friday.

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Christopher Che Interview in Ohio Means Business

Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Companies

Christopher Che came to America in 1980 to attend college, and he chose a school in the heart of the country – Wilmington College in Southwest Ohio. That’s thousands of miles from his first home in Cameroon, located in West Africa.


Dayton B2B covers CIG Acquisition of Hooven-Dayton

Dayton B2B – Label printer Hooven-Dayton right fit for Che International

Team of talented employees, managers combined with profitable business a jewl in growing empire.

Christopher Che can’t say enough nice things about Hooven-Dayton, the Huber Heights label-printing company he bought two years ago.

First, he singles out the previous owner, McKenna Jordan, who has acted as his mentor. “He set up a very good base.”

Then, the employees, “We have a great workforce; these people are just the best – they’re dependable, they work hard, they’re smart.”

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