The Procter & Gamble Company Honors the Hooven-Dayton Corporation


The Procter & Gamble Company Honors the Hooven-Dayton Corporation for Excellence from a Field of 80,000 Other Suppliers Worldwide

DAYTON, OH, November 9, 2009 — The Hooven-Dayton Corporation is proud to have been hon- ored with the Corporate Supplier Excellence Award, at the Procter & Gamble Company’s annual Sup- plier Awards Dinner, Tuesday night. The Dayton based printing company achieved this distinction by performing at consistently high levels in broad based quantitative and qualitative evaluations by P&G employees throughout the global supply chain.

“From market changing innovation to supply chain excellence, our supplier partners are foundational for building a stronger future,” said Rick Hughes, Vice President of Global Purchases at P&G. “P&G is at our best when we have fostered relationships with our external business partners that enable col- laboration in achieving our mutual goals, addressing challenges, and delivering ongoing innovation.”

Tuesday evening’s event recognized all of P&G’s top performing suppliers for 2009 worldwide. A total of 55–from among P&G’s 80,000–suppliers were honored with Corporate Supplier Excellence Awards. This was the second consecutive year P&G has recognized Hooven-Dayton Corporation’s abilities. The company was awarded the coveted W/MBE Supplier of the Year award in 2008.

“At Hooven-Dayton we believe our value proposition plays a significant role in enhancing the success of our customers. Excellence is our goal, and we adhere closely to our value proposition which insures we deliver speed, flexibility, quality, and reliability. It is rewarding to know that a company like P&G recognizes our efforts–I can’t imagine a better testimonial” said Christopher Che, Hooven-Dayton’s President and CEO.


Hooven-Dayton Corporation (HDC), a 74 year old innovative supplier of high quality, flexographic and digital printing. They work closely with their customers to help reduce inventory through custom- ized print-on-demand while allowing for late stage differentiation–allowing for last minute changes, provide speed and flexibility to help take their product to market faster, and give products maximum shelf appeal and visual impact. HDC excels at both full-scale production runs, and small-scale produc- tion and test-market runs. Their focus is on cost effective product solutions like labels, flexible pack- aging, and coupons. HDC customers range from small business to multi-national corporations and represent a variety of industries including: health & beauty, cosmetics, medical, household products, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, industrial, lottery and casino gaming.


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